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Celebrating Community, Fitness and 43 Years Strong!

Celebrating Community, Fitness and 43 Years Strong!

March is here and hopefully so is the warm weather! Regardless, we have a lot of celebrating to do because Fitness Unlimited is 43 this month! We wouldn’t be here without amazing, strong, and empowering women like all of you that have helped us build our Fitness Unlimited Community! And that brings me to what I wanted to talk about most this month, and that’s the power of community. Community by definition is a feeling of fellowship with others as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals. How neat is it that through Fitness Unlimited we not only get to do something physically healthy like working out but we also build something mentally healthy via community as well? Having a gym buddy or saying hello to the lovely ladies at the front desk is all part of forming a community and it’s part of human nature. We need other people in our lives, in fact we crave it and what more positive of a place to meet new friends and build your community than at a gym where you can get your workout in too?! 

Here are the top 5 reasons why a fitness community is so beneficial:

  1. Motivation

Being super motivated everyday is nearly impossible but being a member of a gym where you can go to a physical location with others who will help motivate you is a game changer. Whether you book a class or schedule a session with a trainer we will help motivate you to reach your goals! 

  1. Energy

Energy is contagious! You know that feeling when you are exhausted from work and don’t feel like you have the energy to workout? And then you walk into your fitness class with a high energy instructor? Your energy immediately shifts and you realize you have more to give in your workout than you thought! The energy around us is important, so why not surround yourself with other women with similar goals who want to do something healthy for themselves? There is nothing better!

  1. Inspiration

In my opinion one of the most unique/ coolest things about a gym is that almost everyone in the gym has a specific goal they are working towards. You may be being hard on yourself one day and look over and see a woman twice your age doing something you thought wasn’t even possible – talk about inspiring right?! When you walk into Fitness Unlimited you are immediately surrounded by hundreds of women sharing a common goal of staying healthy and it is almost impossible not to be inspired by that!

  1. Accountability

There are days you are just not going to feel like working out but at the same time know that it is good for you and that you have goals to reach. That is when booking a class, scheduling a private session or promising to meet a friend for a workout at the gym comes in handy! Sometimes we just need that one person to say, “ You can do it!”, and you finish all your reps in your set when you thought you couldn’t. 

  1. Empowerment:

Surrounding yourself with others who want you to reach your goals really helps you to empower yourself. In the words of our Co-owner, Beth Whitney, “I’ve always been passionate about fitness since I was young and I actually used to workout at Fitness Unlimited in high school! When I decided to make fitness a career I came back. I have always loved this club, it’s a wonderful community, and women encouraging women has always resonated with me!” The empowering community that Fitness Unlimited has created is like none other and we are so grateful to be surrounded by women like you who empower us everyday.

So whether you have a crazy busy job, you are studying for your next exam or you are a busy mom, we invite you to join our community where you can not only get your stress relief workout in but also surround yourself with a rockstar community of women working towards healthy goals just like you! 

As a thank you for being the best members we could ask for, we have created a recipe book with healthy spins on all of our favorite dessert recipes. Get your FREE 43rd Anniversary Recipe Book here.

We look forward to celebrating with you and this amazing community all month long!



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