Nutrition and
weight loss

Eating well can be a challenge, but quality nutrition goes hand in hand with fitness.

That’s why we offer a chance to work 1:1 with our Fitness Nutrition Specialist Jillian, work in a group setting or use one of our self guided meal plans!

Group Nutrition

Do you thrive in a group setting rather than one on one? Try out our LBD nutrition based program that includes team building and daily accountability check-in’s. We offer the LBD program 3 times a year.

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Join us for our 6 Week LBD Program which is designed to teach you how to incorporate healthy eating and fitness into your everyday routine. Watch for registration dates for our next challenge!

For under $100 dollars you will receive over 50 meal recipes, 30 snack ideas, a structured meal plan, a shopping list, and a Facebook support group. Not to mention, weekly virtual boot camps and exercise accountability.
And the best part, you don’t have to do this alone, you’ll be taking this journey with over 100 other women – together we can achieve anything!
So what are you waiting for? Register today.

Private Nutrition

If group nutrition just isn’t your thing, don’t worry! We have plenty of other options to help you reach your nutrition goals. Work 1 on 1 with our Fitness Nutrition Specialist, Jillian Boston, who has helped hundreds of women find a healthy nutrition balance in their lives.

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Nutrition Meal Plan Bundle

$250 - Best Deal!

Our nutrition bundle includes a 1 hour nutrition consultation over zoom, a custom 7 day meal plan AND two 30 minute follow up sessions.

During your hour consultation Jillian will talk to you all about your goals, nutrition likes and dislikes, pain points and so much more. Jillian will follow up your consult with a custom 7 DAY MEAL PLAN tailored to your needs. She will then work with you to schedule two 30 minutes follow up sessions to help you with accountability, over- coming obstacles and incorporating healthy eating into your lifestyle. 

Nutrition One Hour Consultation

ONLY $125

During your hour consultation Jillian will talk to you all about your goals, nutrition likes and dislikes, pain points and so much more. To follow up your discussion, Jillian will create a custom 3 day meal plan to help set you up for success!

Two women discussing nutrition over video chat

Nutrition - Accountability Check In

ONLY $50

Need a little extra accountability when it comes to your nutrition? Work with Jillian on a weekly or bi-weekly basis with a 30 minute check-in to help make nutrition a priority.

Meal Plans and recipe guides

Woman reading recipe cooking in kitchen

3 Day Immune Boosting Meal Plan and Recipe Book

Only $10

Need something to kickstart your healthy eating journey?

Get started with our 3-day Immune Boosting Meal Plan and Recipe Book for just $10! These recipes were designed to not only be tasty but to help boost your immune system.
Greek salad

Summer - no fuss recipe book and meal guide

Only $25

To help you feel your best this summer we’ve created a No-Fuss Summer Recipe Book and bonus 7-day meal plan.

All of the recipes take less than 30 minutes to make, so you can spend less time in the kitchen and more time having fun. The recipes are inspired by the flavors of summer and serve as a healthier spin on popular summer recipes. So whether you’re looking for a summer reboot or to use the recipes as a way to eat healthy between busy summer weekends, this No-Fuss Recipe Book is for you!
For just $25 you’ll receive a 7 day meal plan, recipe book and grocery list. 
Bag of healthy ingredients

15 Ingredient Meal Plan and Recipe Book

Only $25

An affordable and easy plan featuring just 15 simple ingredients.

This program demonstrates how easy it is to eat healthy with just 15 nutritious ingredients. It reduces the amount of time you have to spend at the grocery store, keeps your grocery costs to a minimum, reduces food waste, and teaches you how to get creative with just a few items. The best part – you get all of this for just $25!

Menstrual Cycle Support Recipe Book

Only $25

Looking for delicious meals that will help you feel great during all phases of your menstrual cycle?

Then this recipe book is for you! 

Our recipes contain functional foods that will help you feel energized and strong during every phase and the best part is they are all backed by science and registered dietitian approved! 


5 One-pan Meals

For the busy woman who wants to eat healthy without spending hours in the kitchen. Give these one-pan meals a try and we promise you will be full, satisfied and ready to take on your busy week!

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meet Jillian Boston

ACE CPT / ACE Functional Training Specialist / ACE Fitness Nutrition Specialist / Bachelors in Business / Minor in Health

I’m Jillian Boston (yes, that’s actually my last name), an ACE certified personal trainer with five years of experience helping people achieve their health and fitness goals. To me fitness is more than just physical, it requires nourishing the mind, body and soul. I believe in practicing what I preach and leading by example. I work with clients to develop a nutrition plan that works with their lifestyle, while encouraging them to push themselves to be the best they can be. Nothing is more rewarding than watching my clients transform physically and emotionally!