Personal Training

"The One-on-One" Complete Personal Training

For members  and non-members

Fitness Unlimited personal training professionals provide inspiration to your workout, no matter your experience level! Our trainers help you reach new heights in your personal fitness through personalized exercise programs that are tailored to your needs. Personal instruction not only helps you reach goals faster, but also ensures you maintain the proper form to prevent injuries. Personal training is an excellent fitness choice to increase strength and you on track!

Our certified personal training staff are not only highly trained, but will create a weight loss or strength training plan to get you motivated and on a path to meeting your fitness goals. Whether you have been working out for years, or are new to exercise, our trainers provide inspiration and expert instruction to get the results you want, all tailored to your needs.

We have designed our personal training programs to get results. We offer monthly training which can be bought in thirty minute or sixty minute sessions. You decide how often and how long you would like to work with a trainer. For your convenience we bill you on a monthly basis, and you and your trainer decide together how to reach and surpass your specific goals. In addition to one on one training, we offer duet training where you and a partner share a thirty minute or one hour session.

Visit our club for more information regarding our wellness/personal training services and pricing schedule. Check out the biographies of the trainers at the club.

For more information contact Ann Marie Boylan, Personal Training Director, 617-698-0260 or click here to email.

What Makes us Unique...

Stop, right where you are. When was the last time you assessed your health and fitness? Months? Years?
It can be daunting to think about starting fresh, getting back into a fitness routine and eating right, but having a baseline idea of your starting point can be motivating, especially when you see numbers change for the better! Knowing your current numbers, measurements, capabilities, weaknesses and strengths is the BEST way for you to know how to conquer your goals and continue moving forward. We provide answers to your questions and guidance to help you become healthier, stronger and happier. Check out our screening services that help you assess your fitness and health on the road to wellness.

Functional Movement Screening

What is FMS?
FMS is an innovative system used to evaluate your overall health, including flexibility, coordination, balance, and core strength. The screening is comprised of seven tests that will determine any imbalances you may have that could eventually cause an injury. FMS can help all levels and ages stay safe while becoming stronger and healthier.

Functional movements are the kind of actions we perform in everyday life, like squatting, lifting and bending. Functional movements require a strong core and other muscles to complete everyday activities.


  • FMS helps you understand your starting point and track your progress.
  • The screening easily identifies your limitations, imbalances, and weaknesses that increase chances of injury and muscular imbalances.
  • FMS offers resources to become healthier and stronger.
  • Minimize risk of injury so you stay safe while building total body strength and stamina.
  • Improve your movement abilities and overall quality of life.

Additional Services:

Body Composition Test & Measurements

Know your current measurements so you can track your progress. This test measures the amount of lean muscle versus fat in your body and provides you with your measurements, all taken by a professional.

The above services are available for an additional fee. For more information, call the club at 617-698-0260 or email