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5 Tips for Strong, Flat Abs

Personal Training

Hey guys! How is 2023 treating you so far? I hope it’s awesome! 

I’ve had countless women mention that their 2023 goal is to have flat abs. And while actually having strong abs vs having flat abs is the most important thing… I figured if I can help you build strong abs and you get flat abs as a bonus, I am all for it! So here are my go to tips for strong, popping abs! And I have a feeling they might not be exactly what you expected… 

  1. Nutrition Matters –  I am sure many of you have heard the term, “Abs are made in the kitchen”. To be honest, there couldn’t be a truer statement. What we eat not only plays a role in building muscle but also in how we manage bloat and burn fat. If you’re constantly eating sugary, processed foods your body is going to react by being bloated and inflamed. However, if you focus on eating lean proteins, complex carbs, and healthy fats your body will thank you with noticeable muscle definition. I’ve created a variety of done-for-you meal plans to help you get started on getting the junk out of your system and fueling your body with whole foods which will get you one step closer to those lean abs. Check them out here:
  2. Water is everything – Ditch the soft drinks, ditch the alcohol, and focus on drinking good old water. Water will help you process the nutrients from your food more effectively to build muscle faster, it will help you rid your body of toxins that lead to bloat, and it will give you energy to crush your next core workout. 
  3. Work your entire core – Yes, of course exercise does play a role in actually building your abdominal muscles. The popular “six pack” you see is actually the outer layer or other abs that need to be strengthened all around the body. Take a pilates class or one of my 10 Minutes Ab classes on our virtual platform to learn how to activate and strengthen all of your core muscles. Some of my favorite core exercises are planks, super-mans, and push-ups. 
  4. Stretch and recover – Whether you take a vinyasa yoga class or get a deep tissue massage, make sure you allow your body time to recover. Doing so will help you rid your body of toxins that can cause bloat and inflammation. It will also help your muscles heal so that you can actually build your abs. When we workout we actually break down muscle in order to build it up. So if we do not let the body heal we won’t be able to build the muscles the way we want. 
  5. Laugh more – Will laughing alone give you the flat abs of your dreams? Probably not. BUT if you surround yourself with people who make you belly laugh, you will most definitely get in a good ab workout. And more importantly you will reduce stress and get more oxygen flowing to your muscles. Both of which will decrease inflammation and help your lean muscles pop. 

Moral of the story, how we eat, drink, and move matters and it can either compliment how hard you work out or hinder it – the choice is yours. The most important thing is that we build a strong mind and body from the inside out and everything else (like flat abs) is a bonus!

Cheers (*holds up yeti full of water*) to strong abs in 2023!


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