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2023, Positive Change through Intentions

Fitness unlimited 5 day challenge

Hi guys, Happy New Year. I hope your holidays were wonderful and that you are excited to make some positive changes in 2023!

Heading into the New Year I’m sure you made some resolutions that you are already on your way to achieving – woohoo! If you’re like me, you are going all in on them and find that in the past you haven’t been able to keep up with your resolutions or the goal fizzles out before you finish it. Trust me this has totally happened to me too and I realized that I had been approaching my resolutions from a motivational mindset versus a consistency mindset. We are typically sooo motivated when January comes around but that motivation dies down in February and March and the resolution dwindles down with it. Don’t get me wrong, motivation is a great thing and has fueled so many amazing results. However, it’s nearly impossible to have the same type of motivation every day. What is possible though, is to be consistent everyday.

I started approaching my resolutions with the intention of being consistent with a certain health or fitness goal by making small strides towards my goal each day. The small strides add up to big results and will help you achieve your goals when you aren’t necessarily feeling motivated. For instance instead of setting the goal of ‘getting in shape by doing an intense HIIT workout for an hour everyday’, maybe set the goal of ‘getting in shape by moving for at least 30 minutes a day’. Thirty minutes of movement is much easier to commit to and be consistent with than working out hard for an hour every day – not to mention much more realistic. The movement can be as simple as stretching or as intense as a HIIT workout. The 30 minute increments will add up to big results over 365 days!

To help you kickstart your intentions towards your New Years goals we’ve created a FREE 5 Day Sugar-Free Challenge complete with a meal guide, grocery list and recipe book. This self-guided challenge is designed to help you eliminate processed sugars and show you how energized you feel when you eat only natural sugar. Follow your FREE challenge up with our LBD Winter Nutrition & Fitness Program where we walk you through, step by step, how to incorporate healthy energizing nutrition and fitness into your everyday routine and before you know your intentions will become consistent realities! 

Moral of the story, prove to yourself that you are capable, go all in by setting a plan and making small consistent strides to your goals everyday! 

I hope 2023 is magical for you and that all your goals become a reality,

Jillian Boston

Interested in our FREE 5 Day Sugar-Free Challenge, click here.  If you ever have any questions or need help staying accountable to your New Year’s goals please do not hesitate to reach out!Email:


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