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Travel Tips to help you THRIVE through the Holidays

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Hey everyone! I hope you all had a great October and that you’re getting excited for the colder months. With the holidays right around the corner it is no secret that a lot of us will be traveling all over the place which is SO much fun but can also make us feel like we are off our A game. Trust me I totally get it! The awesome part about nutrition and fitness is that we can actually use them to feel incredible through the holiday travel season instead of feeling run down and exhausted. Below I’ve shared with you some of my favorite ways to feel great even while I am not in my normal routine. I promise if you incorporate just one of these tips into your next travel day you will reap the benefits and want to try all of the tips out!

Travel Snacks:

Eating well while you are on the go is one of the best ways to stay on top of your health and avoid travel burnout. Healthy foods literally provide your body with essential nutrients that not only give you great energy but help aid the immune system to keep you healthy while you are away. Here are some of my favorite on the go snacks and a list of my go-to’s when fast food is the only option.


– Bananas, apples, dried fruit

– Raw nuts (pistachios, walnuts, cashews, almonds), raw trail mix

– Plant based protein bars – Lara Bar, RX bar, Clif Bar, No Cow Bar

– Make sandwiches in advance – LBD Style Chicken Salad on Ezekiel Bread, Raw Peanut Butter with Blueberries or Raspberries on Ezekiel Bread, Tuna made with Greek Yogurt in a Joseph’s Wrap, Veggies with Hummus in a Joseph’s Wrap

– Plain Popcorn, Hippeas Chickpea Snacks, SeaPoint Farms Dry Roasted Edamame

– Make smoothies to go!

Fast food tricks:  Fast food restaurants are now required to share nutrition information on everything, take a quick look before ordering. The items I’ve listed below are the healthiest options I could find at each fast food chain.

*Starbucks: Spinach & Feta Wrap, Egg Bites, Turkey Bacon Egg White Sandwich, Perfect Bar, Protein Box, Sugar Free Vanilla Latte with Oat Milk

*Dunkin Donuts: Avocado Toast, Wake up Wrap, Egg & Cheese on an English Muffin, Plain coffee with no sugar

*Gas Station: Plant based protein bars (Lara Bar, RX Bar, Clif Bar), string cheese, hummus cups, any fruit they have to offer, raw trail mix, raw nuts, low sodium beef jerky, electrolyte water

*McDonalds: Sausage Burrito, Egg McMuffin, Classic Hamburger, Apple Slices, Unsweetened Ice Tea

*Chick-fil-A: Grilled Chicken Sandwich, Grilled Nuggets, Egg White Grill, English Muffin & Fruit Cup, Greek Yogurt Parfait with Granola, Market Salad no dressing

Click here for my E-Recipe book ($20) of homemade travel snacks & healthy holiday appetizers 


I’ve said it a million times and will gladly say it again – WATER is the key to everything! I suggest drinking at least 20 ounces of water before, during and post travel. Water will energize you, flush out toxins, help you absorb nutrients from your food and will help you feel amazing overall. It is also a great way to help balance out holiday treats and eats. I am a huge fan of balance and think you should enjoy your favorite holiday treats and eats. This year try pairing them with a big cup of water instead of a sugary beverage or alcohol – I bet you will feel a million times better! If you need ways to spice up your water try adding fresh lemons and cranberries for a festive spin.

Post travel workout:

One of the things that gets me feeling like myself the most after a long car ride or flight is to immediately hit the gym or the pavement for a 30 minute cardio workout. It will help you re-energize, debloat and release endorphins to take on all the holiday fun you are about to have. Another great benefit of moving right away is that you will naturally crave healthier foods after which will also help set you up for success during your travel.

Keep moving while you are away:

Just because you are away doesn’t mean that you have to forgo fitness all together. Our Virtual Platform has over 1100 On Demand Classes that range anywhere from 10 to 60 minutes. We also offer a huge variety of class styles, so that you can take the type of workout you are in the mood for at that moment. Carving just 10 minutes out of your day to do a virtual class will give you so much energy you will ask yourself why you didn’t do it yesterday.

Eat well to feel well:

As I mentioned above, I am a firm believer that life is about balance. Enjoy the foods you want to enjoy over the holidays keeping in mind that the better you eat the better you will feel. I pair my favorite holiday treats with a nice healthy dinner so that I still get nutrients that will make me feel great and want less of the sweets. I do this because healthy food makes me feel good, not because I feel like I have too. I hope through following all of us here at Fitness Unlimited you know that the tips and tricks we provide are to help you feel amazing, not because you have to be a certain size or deprive yourself. Bottom line, if you eat as well as you can over the holidays you will come out feeling awesome – and what is better than that?!?

Whether you are traveling near or far I hope these tips help you thrive over the holidays. When we feel awesome it makes everything better!

I hope you all enjoy your Thanksgiving and I can’t wait to share more tips with you in December.

Safe Travels!



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