Our go-to protein bars for your summer travel

Fuel your summer with lean protein! 

By Jillian Boston Personal Trainer and Fitness Nutrition Specialist

I hope you’re all staying cool in this heat and enjoying your summer! Since summer is filled with travel and enjoying the moment, I receive a lot of questions about what protein bars to pack for trips. While protein bars can be a great snack they can also be loaded with chemicals, so I try to find the bars that have the least chemicals and best ingredients. While protein bars aren’t a perfectly ‘clean’ snack there are definitely brands that have great ingredients to keep you full on the go!

Why protein you might be wondering?! Well protein is an essential component for building lean muscle, boosts your metabolism, increases fat burning, and keeps you full for extended periods of time. Protein bars (or drinks) are perfect to pair with your summer activities to keep you full on the go and keep you building lean muscle all summer long. 

I’ve broken down our top picks below with links to where you can get them:

  • RX Bars- RX protein bars come in a variety of flavors, are known for their no ‘BS” attitude, as in they have no junk in their products. All the ingredients are listed on the front of the label and they serve as a great pre or post workout snack! The protein in these bars are mostly from eggs and nuts so they are great if you have a lactose sensitivity. You can find these in our Pro Shop or on amazon here
  • Barebells Protein Bars- Barebells Protein bars are my newest favorite and happen to be a new addition in our Pro Shop. These bars pack 20 grams of protein and are available in both plant based protein and whey protein options. I love these for when I want something with more of a chocolatey flavor but that isn’t loaded with added sugars and lots of chemicals. You can also find these on amazon in bulk here
  • Drinks – If you are someone who likes an ice cold drink in the hot summer heat versus a bar you have to try the new Slate protein drinks we are now selling in our Pro Shop. They literally taste just like Chocolate Milk but have no lactose or added sugar AND pack 20 grams of protein. Perfect after a long run or hard workout! They also have a Mocha flavor which is great for an early morning breakfast/ coffee combo on the go. 
  • Raw – If you prefer homemade protein bars and have a place to keep them refrigerated, we sell Protein Balls by Liz right at the club. All the protein balls are made with amazing, organic ingredients and no processed sugars. I always opt for these if possible!

I hope these bars and drinks help you feel awesome on all your summer adventures! 

Happy Summer!



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