DotFit Nutrition

Fitness Unlimited is proud to announce its partnership with

"Connect the Dots" is a comprehensive program that integrates nutrition, fitness and coaching to maximize results. It's the one and only program that keeps you connected to your goals and your workouts the other 23 hours in a day when you aren't physically at the club. We are now offering this wonderful program free to members. Simply go to the home page and click on the link that will get you started on your way to optimal health.

What does provide for you....

  • All fitness goals (weight loss, health, muscle gain or performance)
  • Body weight and /or body fat tracking
  • Built in coaching
  • Food logging
  • Activity logging / training journal
  • Quick start and individualized exercise programs
  • Supplement/dietary support screener (products have been researched by Ginger Hoffman, our very own registered dietitian. She has provided a recommendation list and cheat sheet. Pick up at the club.)
  • Exerspy Activity Tracker (used by contestants on the Biggest Loser). Extra cost.
  • All Fitness Unlimited members who join through our website or with your trainer will receive 20% off supplement prices.