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Celebrating Strength, Empowerment and 44 Years of Fitness Unlimited! 

By Jillian Boston, CPT, Fitness Nutrition Specialist 

Anniversary edition

We have a lot of celebrating to do because Fitness Unlimited is 44 this month! We wouldn’t be here without amazing, strong, and empowering women like all of you that have helped us build our Fitness Unlimited Community! Our number one goal at Fitness Unlimited is to empower our members to become stronger and more confident in themselves. Surrounding ourselves with like minded women is an awesome way to build both strength and confidence. In the words of our Co-owner, Beth Whitney, “I’ve always been passionate about fitness since I was young and I actually used to workout at Fitness Unlimited in high school! When I decided to make fitness a career I came back. I have always loved this club, it’s a wonderful community and women encouraging women has always resonated with me!” The empowering community that Fitness Unlimited has created is like none other and we are so grateful to be surrounded by women like you who empower us everyday. In the spirit of celebrating this amazing community we put together our favorite ways to build strength and confidence:

  1. Try a new workout: It is no secret that many of you are fitness pros and have mastered your go to workouts and/or classes. We are here to challenge you to try something new this week and notice how at first it may be intimidating but by the end of the workout you’ve built a new sense of confidence in yourself. This not only builds strength and confidence in your workouts but it translates to other areas of life. When you continue to challenge yourself with the small things you’ll find that you have a lot more courage to apply for that new job, ask for a raise, travel to that new place you’ve been wanting to go, or ask out your crush.
  2. Join our monthly challenges: Every month in our Fitness Unlimited Members Only Private Facebook Group we host a new challenge. The challenges range from completing an exercise to eating better ingredients. All of which are designed to help you build a stronger body from the inside out. When you feel strong mentally and physically it directly correlates to your confidence. We know that motivating ourselves can be challenging sometimes so we created the monthly challenges to help hold you accountable. Plus we give away a fun prize every month too!
  3. Commit to Strength Training twice a week: Strength training seems like an obvious way to build strength but we totally understand how it can be intimidating if you haven’t tried it before. To help you learn how to build strength take one of our many strength classes, workout with a personal trainer or take one of our virtual classes from home to help you build up the confidence to weight train at the club. By building up strong lean muscle you will become more confident with everything because you feel strong enough to do it – it is one of the best feelings ever!
  4. Limit sugar: Sugar has been proven to increase anxiety and depression as well as inflame our bodies. The combo of all of this can not only plummet our confidence but decrease our strength as well. By keeping sugar out of your daily routine you’ll feel so much better mentally and physically. Some easy ways to do this are to eat whole foods, stay away from packaged and fast foods and look for recipes that use natural sugar. To help make this easy for you we have created a recipe book with healthy and processed sugar free spins on all of our favorite dessert recipes! Get your FREE 44th Anniversary Recipe Book here

We hope these tips help you feel strong and confident and we look forward to celebrating this empowering community all month long!


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