Why I Dropped All My Trendy Boutique Memberships in Favor of a Health Club Membership

It is no secret that boutique fitness studios have been popping up all over the place. From spin classes to bootcamps, there seems to be no shortage of studios that charge $25-$30 to take one of their signature classes. I understand the appeal, as I was once dropping hundreds of dollars to fill my week with boutique bootcamps and spin classes. It wasn’t just my bank account that caused me to pause and question the benefits of boutique fitness, it was also a plateau in my fitness journey that made me sit down and really consider the benefits of a health club membership versus boutique fitness classes.

Health Club Benefits:

  • Flexibility. Health clubs allow you to build fitness into your routine in a way that allows for a constantly changing schedule. Whether you have to stay late at work or pick up the kids after school, there is always something to do at a health club even if you miss the class you were planning on taking. You get to decide when you want to go and how you fit it into your schedule without being confined by a limited number of classes per day.
  • Variety. Never been to Zumba or Barre before? No need to pay extra to check out a new class when you belong to a health club. There are plenty of options to keep you from getting bored and you never have to commit to only one type of workout.
  • Pricing Options. Health clubs offer a couple of different pricing structures that often include unlimited access to the club and classes. This can make fitness and wellness more affordable than paying per class.
  • Many health clubs offer amenities like showers, saunas, steam rooms, and snack bars that aren’t always present in boutique fitness studios.
  • Group Fitness. Group fitness classes are the perfect way to meet other members and find people to hold you accountable for coming to class. You will notice that just like at boutique studios, health club classes have their “regulars” and it truly helps to develop a strong sense of community.
  • Cross Training. Unlike many boutique studios, health clubs offer you the option to cross train which means incorporating a variety of exercises rather than just one singular type. This approach to training is shown to reduce risk of injury, enhance weight loss, and improve overall fitness.
  • Personal Training. Health clubs allow you to take a personalized approach to fitness by working with a personal trainer either one on one or in small groups in order to focus on your specific fitness goals.

While taking a spin class or bootcamp class at a boutique studio every once in awhile can be a great way to shake up your fitness routine, investing in a health club membership provides a more holistic approach to fitness without breaking the bank.