The Resolution We Can All Commit To 


We are almost two weeks into the new year and I am sure many of you have set either intentions or resolutions for 2020! Setting resolution and intentions for the year can be a great way to think about your goals and how you plan to break them down over the course of the year. Fitness goals tend to be a common theme on people’s list of resolutions and therefore gyms and health clubs see an influx of people during the first few months of the year. Now with that being said, I understand how it can be frustrating to have to wait longer for a machine or weight that you are looking to use but I want to challenge everyone to incorporate another resolution into their list this year. 

Let’s resolve to be kind to those folks who are just starting out on their fitness journey. Remember we all started this journey at some point too and we were once the new kids on the block. So when you see someone who looks like the might need help at the gym, be welcoming and kind. If they look like their struggling, offer to help them or offer words of encouragement. I challenge you to introduce yourself to the new people in class and help them to find the same supportive community you have found here at Fitness Unlimited. Let’s resolve to replace our anger or frustration with kindness and empathy. No matter where you are on your fitness journey, whether you are just starting out or have been on this road for years, let’s strive to build inclusive communities where everyone is welcomed and supported.



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