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Teen Fitness


Teen Program for Girls ages 13-17

We also offer prepaid class instruction for an additional fee. Want or need to get in shape for a sport? Get a group together and we can provide a space and an instructor to put together a class of your choice. (Boot camp, sport conditioning, Zumba, Yoga, etc. ) Please contact Annmarie Boylan at 617-698-0260.

For further information or enrolment, please inquire at the member service desk or call 617-698-0260.

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Our Teen Program (Several Membership Options to choose from) includes:

  • Each participant works one-on-one with a certified personal trainer in a complimentary session before using the club on her own.
  • Each participant will learn how to use our strength and cardio machines.
  • Memberships available month-to-month or pre-paid and can include Group Fitness Classes or not. We have multiple options available.

Some restrictions apply. Sauna and steam not included.