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Success Stories

“I joined Fitness Unlimited in April of 2015 and it has proven to be the best decision that has affected, in such a positive way, my personal health and well being.  While I had a consistent history of working out on my own, e.g. running, I had to stop my running routine due to a knee injury.  For two years I had no form of formal exercise.  I naturally gained weight and lost a great deal of strength and flexibility, not to dismiss the negative effects on my mood and self esteem.

I was a caretaker for many years for my mother, who suffered from Multiple Sclerosis.  It was becoming increasingly difficult for me to physically help her as her disease progressed.  I knew I needed to get fit again and needed to find a good gym.  I didn’t want a coed gym and was lucky to find Fitness Unlimited. I not only found a good gym, I found a GREAT and AMAZING gym.  I felt very comfortable from the moment I walked in to join.

It can be intimidating to start a new fitness routine at a new gym, but the staff and members made me feel at home immediately.  The array and variety of classes is impressive from Group Fight, Tabata, Zumba, Barre, to Strength and Cardio, just to mention a few.

I tend to go early morning and take evening classes as well.  As a member, you can walk in anytime during their long business hours and either take a class or work out on your own, which is not an option at a lot of gyms.  I was pleasantly surprised to see that they’re open on the majority of holidays.”


“The gym is managed extremely well by Beth, as Manager and Cindy, as Assistant Manager, who both teach classes as well.

It is always a clean and healthy environment, which is so important.  All the staff, including instructors and personal trainers are extremely professional. You’re always greeted upon entering with a sincere and welcoming hello by the front desk staff.

Safety is key and the instructors and personal trainers consistently make sure you are safe during the routines.  They offer many modifications within the routines to ensure one’s personal safety and there is never any pressure to perform a move that is not comfortable for your body.

The members come in all ages, sizes, ethnicities and we are all respectful of each other as are all the staff.

Since joining, I’ve lost 20 pounds and am at my goal weight.  I’ve gained strength, flexibility and stamina.  I can’t say enough about how terrific Fitness Unlimited is for one’s overall health and well being and is certainly well worth the very reasonable monthly membership fee!  It is truly an encouraging environment.”

– Phyllis D.

“I have been a member for five years now. I mainly participate in the classes. I have never experienced a class where the instructor was not doing a great job. The instructors at Fitness Unlimited are first rate.”

I am down 70 pounds, took up running, and even ran a 10k this past October. Seems unbelievable to me that I could do that. Love Fitness Unlimited!”

This gym/studio/spa is by far the best anywhere and has EVERYTHING to offer. And absolutely without a doubt and by far, it’s the STAFF at Fitness Unlimited that make the whole package complete! Thank you Fitness Unlimited!”

Would our members recommend Fitness Unlimited to family and friends? The answer is a resounding YES: “This is the best fitness club ever! Clean, friendly staff and members, great classes, and lots of support around accomplishing fitness goals.” – Sue F.

“I would definitely recommend Fitness Unlimited to any woman. Unfortunately (or really, fortunately), most of my friends are already members. When we first moved to Quincy, I knew no one, but my first stop was Fitness Unlimited to register. I have made most of my Quincy friends here over the years. It is one awesome place!”

“Love Fitness Unlimited, particularly the amazing free class options. Elyse, the yoga instructor is my favorite, but (I) enjoy cycling now too. Sandy is also great. Fitness Unlimited has really helped me with my wellness goals.”

“Awesome variety of classes and different instructor styles. Love this gym! Not one complaint!”

“I love it there! Great instructors and classes available. Nice locker rooms and always clean. I wish there was Sunday morning yoga at 8 or 8:30 but that is my only complaint!”

“During these sunny, hot, humid July days… the long, cold, snow piled winter is a melting memory. However, when I look back and realize the impact the weather had on my mood and physical wellbeing – I could just cringe.

It felt like winter would never end and it was difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel. All that snow made it hard to drive and to get out to exercise, except of course, to shovel snow, which only caused more pain to my already weakened low back.

I have struggled with low back pain for years and refused to undergo surgery. I have always preferred the holistic route to treatment that included yoga, nutrition, meditation and increasing my overall body strength. Taking yoga classes really helped me to increase flexibility, balance, stamina and cope with the pain better through focus and meditation. Even with this positive outlook, I felt I needed other components to reach my maximum overall health goals.

A friend mentioned Fitness Unlimited, a women’s fitness health club, but I never thought of myself as a “gym person.” So I did some research and went for a visit to Fitness Unlimited and met the Manager, Cindy, who was so informative and friendly. She made it easy for me to want to join after learning about all the different classes, especially yoga and meditation. And there was so much more, including strength training equipment, cardio equipment, personal trainers, nutrition counseling, locker rooms, showers, steam and sauna, and professional, knowledgeable and friendly staff. What more could I ask for? So I joined in April 2015.

I started taking the Vinyasa yoga classes with Elyse, and she is a fabulous instructor. I even took a private lesson with her so I could make certain I was doing the postures in a way that would not aggravate my lower back, and this was extremely helpful.

At Fitness Unlimited, you can try many different types of classes, and so I did and it was both challenging and fun. There was Head to Toe, Strong-In-30, Total Body Fusion, Pilates, and even Zumba! Currently, I attend at least three to four yoga classes per week, and at least one or two cardio classes and strength training. I also use the cardio machines and strength training equipment two times per week.

Just five months ago, if someone had told me I would be going to a fitness club four to six times a week, I would have laughed at the thought. Now I’m smiling all the time because I feel so much better in many ways; and belonging to Fitness Unlimited has impacted numerous aspects of my life in such a positive way.
Health is my number one priority in life. Without good health it is extremely difficult to accomplish many things. Therefore, by making exercise a part of my daily life, I feel so much stronger, healthier, motivated, energized, and much happier.

It’s a good feeling to belong to a health club where you feel welcomed, and there is always someone willing to help you learn and experience new challenges that will have a lasting impact on your good health. The social interaction is an added benefit, and I have met so many wonderful people, both members and staff.

Thank you to the entire staff at Fitness Unlimited. I am very grateful that we have such a wonderful health club for women, and I hope to continue to be a member for many years to come.”

– Karen F.

“About two years ago, I made a decision to get back into shape. I joined the gym at work but the classes I wanted to participate in would regularly be cancelled by 3pm. I then joined a Zumba class at the local high school at night, but every time it snowed or the kids were out of school, no class. It became quite frustrating to start and stop a fitness routine. I had looked at some of the area gyms and didn’t really want to join a gym where you had to pay extra for classes or had to wait to get on the equipment.”About two years ago, I made a decision to get back into shape. I joined the gym at work but the classes I wanted to participate in would regularly be cancelled by 3pm. I then joined a Zumba class at the local high school at night, but every time it snowed or the kids were out of school, no class. It became quite frustrating to start and stop a fitness routine. I had looked at some of the area gyms and didn’t really want to join a gym where you had to pay extra for classes or had to wait to get on the equipment.

Then one day in January, I was chatting with a co-worker and she mentioned that her gym was having a “Red Carpet Challenge.” My immediate reaction was, “What the heck is that?” She explained that it was a fitness challenge themed around the red carpet awards in February, where over a three-week period you had to meet weekly goals to proceed to the contest and at the end, possibly win a cash prize! She then told me that it was only $15.

I immediately said, “Sold, sign me up!!” I went to the gym and met this very friendly, enthusiastic, nice woman named Gabby. She explained the ins and outs of the fitness challenge, signed me up and gave me a tour of the gym. Everyone was so nice.

Now the big hurdle — getting myself there. Keep in mind I hadn’t worked out in some time and that alone was going to be a challenge for me. So week number one, my first class at Fitness Unlimited was 3-2-1 Shred with Tina. Then I tried the Head to Toe class with Sandy, Circuit Blast with J-Lyn and Yoga with Elyse. I was amazed at how everyone was so nice and encouraging. After class, each instructor made an effort to come over and tell me what a good job I did! That alone was motivation enough. Week number one—mission accomplished! On to week number two.Each week I found myself a little stronger and able to do a little more in class. (Let’s not get crazy here, just a touch easier.) Before I knew it, the challenge was over and I completed the whole thing. It doesn’t stop there. I kicked six pounds to the curb and I was one of the lucky winners from the draw!!

What a great experience! How could I not join the gym now? I’m happy to say I DID!

When I look back on it, a month and some change later, I realize five great things that came out of the challenge:

  • I completed a challenge I thought I would never be able to complete
  • Lost six pounds
  • Won $100
  • Joined Fitness Unlimited
  • And most importantly, met a lot of great people!!

The good news is, you never know how great you can be! What you can accomplish! And what potential everyone has inside of them! In the words of Charlie Sheen; “WINNING!”.

– Susan L.

“I am looking to coming back to the club soon. I have been to others. They don’t compare. I’m a huge fan and would recommend in a heartbeat!”

“I have been a member of Fitness Unlimited for about 12 years (took three years off somewhere in there) and LOVE it. The facility is clean and well organized. The classes are diverse and challenging. The instructors are motivating and fun.”

“I used to exercise on my own, but got away from it. I love coming to Fitness Unlimited because I didn’t realize that I wasn’t really in as great shape as I thought. I know that I need a variety of exercise and I can get it all at Fitness Unlimited. I love the friendship, the variety of classes, the cleanliness, convenience, and that there are so many classes, so I can always find something I want to do. I wish I had joined years earlier.”

“I have belonged to this gym for over 20 years and I still love it! 10/10”