How to Get Out of a Workout Slump

Let’s just start by saying we have all been there. We might have started off our fitness journey with fervor and unparalleled intensity but at some point we hit a slump. The 5am alarm where we used to jump out of bed is now met with several snoozes before we just skip the class we had planned on all together. And once we get off that routine for a bit, it can seem incredibly hard to jump back in.

When I broke my foot a few weeks ago and was in a boot for 3 weeks, working out was the last thing on my mind. And this slump continued way past when the boot came off. When I took some time to think about why I might be feeling this way, I realized that when I workout I am an all or nothing kind of person. I either go 5-7 days a week or not at all. What I was doing to my body was wearing it out and in turn I was finding myself in a slump of not wanting to workout. So I made a promise to myself that I would ease back into it, that I would listen when my body said it needed breaks and that I would find something that was sustainable. So whether you are in a slump like I was or have just taken some time off from working out, I wanted to share what I did to get back to the gym and my normal routine.

1.Plan Your Workouts for the Week 

This one may seem incredibly obvious but when you have taken some time away from your routine it can be beneficial to plan out exactly what you will be doing for the week. This allows you to manage the other factors that might get in the way of working out. If you know you have a 6am workout Monday morning, what will you do Sunday night to ensure you are set up for success the next morning. I set out my clothes, water, and make sure there is coffee brewed to have a cup on my drive to the class. This makes me less frazzled at 5:30am and starts off my workout on the right foot.

2. Find a Friend 

Let a friend know that you are trying to get back into a routine and that you could use someone to hold you accountable. This will make the workouts more fun and also give you someone to talk to about your goals. Look at the schedule together and see what classes you would be able to do together or meet up after work for a walk. When I found myself in a slump, I asked a coworker if she would be interested in trying classes together and sure enough she said she felt like she was in a slump too and would love to have someone to hold her accountable.

3.  Find What Brings You Joy 

This is different for everyone. There are some classes that people love that others might hate. If you are in a slump, the last thing you want to do is a class or workout you hate. So find something that sparks joy and incorporate that into your fitness routine. Whether its cycling with Siobhan, hiking, or running by the water, find your joy and get your endorphins there.

4. Remember Why 

Why do you workout? Do you do it so that you can show up as the best version of yourself in other parts of your life? Do you do it because it relieves the stress from your job? Do you do it because it makes you feel good? Remember why you started working out and use that as motivation. And while it might be to lose weight, I encourage you to find nonscale victories that can also serve as your source of motivation. While my initial journey might have started from a desire to lose weight, I am now more motivated by the times I lift heavier with my trainer Kim or when my hills are at a heavier level in spin. Find those nonscale victories and let them motivate you just as much if not more.

5. New Workout Clothes 

There is nothing like a new pair of workout pants or a top to get you motivated to go to the gym. Treat yourself to something that makes you excited to get back to the gym. Check out the clothes we have in our pro shop and find something that you can’t wait to put on for the gym.


Have you ever been in a workout slump? What motivated you to get back to the gym?