Group Fitness Descriptions

Classes are 55 minutes in length unless otherwise stated.

body beatz This high energy class will keep you moving to the beat with easy to follow, fun choreographed strength and cardio routines.

cardio muscle mix  A 45 minute cardio resistance class. This class combines blocks of strength training and cardio moves. Your heart rate stays elevated to help you blast fat, boost your metabolism, and burn calories.

core & stretch A 15 minute express class.

head to toe Our signature total body weight resistance class.

step A highly choreographed aerobic workout using a step bench.

strength (30) No time to work out? Give this 30 minute strength training class a try.

team kick A high intensity, choreographed class combining martial arts, boxing, and kickboxing to get the heart pumping and the body toned. Routines change every 12 weeks.

zumba® A Latin inspired dance fitness class. Zumba combines high energy and motivating music with unique moves and combinations.

Classes are 50 minutes. Pre-register online 48 hours prior to class, or register at the member service desk 24 hours prior. Limit 27 or 20 depending on the type of class.

hiit cycle Incorporate the studio cycle method with bouts of interval training. Burn tons of calories in this sweat inducing class designed to take your fitness to the next level.

rev cycle A full body workout inspired by the best tone cycling classes on the market. Sculpt lean muscles using 2-lb hand weights, while building strength and stamina through sprints, hills, and core work.

rhythm ride Cycle to the beat of invigorating music. Be prepared for some cycle drills, helping to build endurance and strength.

spin & stretch This class begins with 30 minutes of spin, followed by 15-20 minutes deep stretching.

studio cycle Sprint, climb, jump, and build endurance and strength in this class designed for results.

retro ride Saturday morning 7:10am ride and sweat to the music of the past decades.

club spin Saturday morning 8:15am spin to all the current hits that makes your body want to move.

Classes are 45 minutes in length.

body breakthru Break through your fitness plateaus with this high intensity, metabolic conditioning class. A method of training that is designed to burn calories both during your workout and post exercise.

tabata The Tabata Method consisting of 20 seconds of high intensity training, followed by 10 seconds of rest, performed eight times, is scientifically proven to change your body.

tb training (total body training) A series of 4 minutes of strength training followed by a tabata interval.

Classes are 55 minutes in length unless otherwise stated.

asana yoga Move your body with breath in this dynamic flowing practice designed to invigorate and challenge yourself without judgment. Build strength, stamina and improve flexibility. Room is heated. All levels welcome.

gentle yoga Stretch, strengthen, breathe, and relax with this restorative class.

yoga-meditation Relax both body and mind by combining gentle, restorative yoga with breathing and meditation.

yogalates Combines core-focused Pilates techniques with powerful yoga sequences to improve strength and flexibility.

vinyasa yoga A vigorous class, characterized by flowing poses that are linked to breath, to improve strength and flexibility. Classes are diverse and sequences will vary with instructor. Room is heated.

mat pilates A non-impact form of strength and flexibility training, focusing on core muscles. All levels welcome.

Classes are 60 minutes. Pre-register 1 day prior to class online or at the member service desk. Limit 30 participants. Grip socks are required.

*barre Barre is for all levels of fitness. Start with a warm up and a sequence of upper body exercises using light free weights, push-ups and plank. Then move into a series of barre or floor exercises that focus on the thighs.

*barre beatz This barre class will elevate your heart rate as you move and sweat to the beat of the music.

*barre-lates 25 minutes of barre work and 25 minutes of pilates mat work.

A total body program designed specifically for the needs of the mature population as well as beginner exercisers.

prime movers A 55 minute class including aerobic moves, strength, balance, and flexibility.

prime c.b.s. (prime core, balance, and stretch) A 45 minute class incorporating core work infused with balance moves and stretching.


  • For your safety, please arrive on time and stay for the duration of class. Arriving late for mind/body classes will not be allowed.
  • Yoga mats are not provided for mind/body.
  • Please remember, there are no reserved spots or holding of spaces for class.
  • Personal Hygiene: please wear clean exercise clothing and sneakers.
  • Please refrain from wearing perfume.
  • Cell phones and pagers must be off or on silent mode at all times while in the studios.
  • Members are not to use stereo equipment or adjust AC units.

We reserve the right to cancel classes with low attendance.
Classes and teachers are subject to change without notice.