From the Gym to the Office: Quick tricks to get your hair office ready without having to wash it

You know those people who can take a workout class where they barely sweat and then change into their workday clothes looking completely put together and flawless? Yeah that is not me. I prefer to work out in the morning before work and by the end I am usually a sweaty mess. Washing and blow drying my hair takes about 30 minutes and some days I would rather sleep those extra 30 minutes. So, I tried to find ways to extend my blowouts even post workout. I did some research and asked friends what worked for them. Here are the tips and tricks I found that should get your hair office ready in 5 minutes or less.

  1. Wait until the last minute to put your hair up before a workout and take it out the second your workout is done. Even hair ties that claim to be non-creasing (If you don’t own these you definitely should) will leave a mark once your sweaty hair starts to dry. Blow dry the sweat out and dry shampoo the roots, leaving it on while you shower. Brush the dry shampoo out and style.
  2. Using dry shampoo on your hair before a workout helps to absorb some of the sweat. I am a fan of this version but this one also works well.
  3. Put your hair in a braid, workout, and blow dry the sweat it while your hair is still in a braid. Add some dry shampoo and texturizing spray.
  4. Using dry shampoo the night before and sleeping on a silk pillowcase also keeps hair cleaner and easier to style post workout.

Is dry shampoo your best friend or are you someone who is a wash/blow dry after every workout? Let us know in the comments!


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