What exactly is electronic fund transfer (eft) and how does it work?

Your membership dues are billed automatically on the 5th of every month, either to your credit card or checking account, whichever you prefer. Although payments are automatic, you are in control of your membership and have the right to change your billing method, as long as Fitness Unlimited is given 15 days notice. You will automatically be billed monthly unless you request to cancel or freeze your membership. If your checking or credit card changes, you must notify the billing department as soon as possible. You are responsible for all past due charges. Fitness Unlimited will impose a $10 fee for all returned checks and credit cards, regardless of the reason.

I need a receipt of my billing for reimbursement purposes (health insurance or work). How can I receive this information?

Not a problem! We can provide that statement for you. Just stop by the Member Service Desk, call the club or click here to email your request, and Fitness Unlimited will mail the statement or keep it for you at the club — whichever you prefer. Please allow up to one week for this request to be processed. Don’t feel like waiting? You can print your own statement on our new member portal service, which can be found on our homepage.

How do I cancel my monthly membership?

You can cancel your membership in one of two ways:

  1. In person, with a 15-day written notice
  2. By certified or registered mail (you will receive proof of receipt from the post office)

Cancellations by phone, fax or email are not accepted.
Please note that non-use of the facility does not constitute non-payment or refund. Before cancelling, you are responsible for any returned monthly charges.

How do I change my address or name?

Changing your name or address is easy! You can either:
1. Make the change in person
2. Use our member portal online, easily found on our homepage

How do I change my billing information for my monthly membership?

You can change your billing information with a 15-day written notice. Either call the facility or come by the club to fill out a receipt, or adjust your billing method through the member portal.

Can I suspend my membership for personal reasons?

Yes, with your monthly membership (no holds on pre-paid accounts), you can put your membership on hold for up to three months at a time (not to exceed six months in any given year), as long as you provide a 15-day written notice with your signature. Your dues will decrease to $5 per month for the hold period and you lose access to the club at this time. We do not allow for unlimited holds.