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Expectant & New Moms

Dedicated to women's health and wellness through all of the stages of life!

As the leading women’s health club on the South Shore, we are dedicated to women’s health and wellness through all of the stages of life, including motherhood! Staying fit before, during and after pregnancy can help keep you feeling healthy and prepared throughout this new change in your life. Here are the programs we offer to expecting and new mothers to help them stay healthy.

Pre & Post Natal Exercise:

Working Out For Two
These hour-long prenatal sessions guide you through exercises that will help you feel confident, energized and ready to tackle your pregnancy and motherhood, while also dispelling some pregnancy fitness myths and beliefs. Our trainer discuss the stages of pregnancy and how they affect your energy and exercise, and will address common ailments, like low back and hip discomfort, diastasis (a separating of the abdominal muscles) and swelling. Complimentary, easy-to-follow strength and flexibility exercises are included. $85

Prenatal Yoga
Our prenatal yoga classes are created in a supportive environment to guide new mothers through the stages of pregnancy and motherhood, building community one class at a time. These classes offer a safe and effective workout, as well as focus on relaxation with deep connection to your body and breath. During this time of your life, yoga is one of the most beneficial things you can do for yourself, your body and your family.

Prenatal classes are not heated. Class is limited to 10 participants.
Drop in classes are $15 for members & non-members.

Post Natal with Baby:

Mommy & Baby Yogalates Series
This special series focuses on helping new moms regain strength and flexibility by combining yoga with Pilates. We understand that babies don’t always fit a schedule, so feel free to come in a little late or leave if necessary. Best of all, this class lets your baby participate or sleep in a car seat next to you—whatever works! We are here to help you get back in shape while having fun with your little one.

Barre Babes
Barre Babes is perfect for any new mama. This 45-minute class will help you regain core strength, tone muscles and help you get back in shape, all with your baby in tow. This class includes traditional Barre and floor work and of course, mom and baby exercises. Bring a front pack carrier (optional), baby blanket and of course, your little one! Recommended for moms with infants six weeks to nine months (non-crawlers).

One-on-One Programs


  • $50/session for 30 Minutes
  • $75/session for 60 Minutes

3-month commitment (then month to month until cancelled):

  • $45/session for 30 Minutes
  • $70/session for 60 Minutes

Duet Programs


  • $30/session for 30 Minutes
  • $45/session for 60 Minutes

3-month commitment (then month to month until cancelled):

  • $27/session for 30 Minutes
  • $40/session for 60 Minutes

Program Info:

  • Monthly programs are processed through our auto-pay system, using a credit card or checking account. The three-month program continues after the initial term on a month-to-month basis until the member gives a 15-day written notice. The three-month commitment is based on one session per week.
  • Unused training sessions roll over and are available for use six months from purchase date, as long as you have a valid membership.
  • Monthly training programs require a valid core membership. Non-members add 10%.
  • Triple and quad packages available. Ask for pricing.

The more you invest in your fitness, the more you save. You choose how many times you want to train per week and the trainer will do the rest!

Questions? Ready to schedule? Call 617.698.0260 or stop by the Member Service Desk.