Yoga & Meditation (Elyse) Margarita is teaching during the month of June @ Studio 3
Jun 22 @ 5:00 pm

Relax both body and mind by combining gentle, restorative yoga with breathing and meditation.

*Barre (Cindy) Lauren to teach on 6/22/18 @ Studio 1
Jun 22 @ 5:15 pm

This barre class will elevate your heart rate as you move and sweat to the beat of the music.

*Retro ride (Linda) @ Studio 4
Jun 23 @ 7:10 am

Saturday morning 7:10am ride and sweat to the music of the past decades.

Body Breakthru (Lisa) @ Studio 3
Jun 23 @ 7:10 am

Break through your fitness plateaus with this high intensity, metabolic conditioning class. A method of training that is designed to burn calories both during your workout and post exercise.

Ropes, Straps & Bells (Lauren) @ Studio 6, $60/session
Jun 23 @ 7:10 am
*Club Spin (Linda) @ Studio 4
Jun 23 @ 8:15 am

Saturday morning 8:15am spin to all the current hits that makes your body want to move.

Boxing (Cheryl McD.) @ Studio 6, $60/session
Jun 23 @ 8:15 am
Cardio Muscle Mix (Jenn) @ Studio 1
Jun 23 @ 8:15 am

This class combines blocks of strength training and cardio moves. Your heart rate stays elevated to help you blast fat, boost your metabolism, and burn calories.

Low Heat Vinyasa Yoga (Elyse) @ Studio 3
Jun 23 @ 8:15 am

A vigorous class, characterized by flowing poses that are linked to breath, to improve strength and flexibility. Classes are diverse and sequences will vary with instructor. Room is heated.

Tower (Miriam) @ Studio 5, $100/session
Jun 23 @ 9:00 am