Go with your Gut for Good Health & Weight Loss too: Probiotics

You’ve likely heard the buzz about probiotics, but are they for you? And why exactly should you be consuming “bugs” anyway? Within your gastrointestinal tract live a variety of microorganisms, including good and bad “bugs”. These comprise your gut flora […]

Shopping List for Advanced Fat Reducing, Muscle Sustaining Diet.

Chicken breast – Regular and thin sliced, skinless. Tip; Cook extra at night and take to work next day. Cereals – best choice, Oatmeal, Quaker® old fashioned, cooks in 3-4 minutes in microwave (not quick oats, which cooks in one […]

The world is changing; you are changing.

Have you made the necessary adjustments to be healthy? We now have every modern convenience at our finger tips, which gives them a lot of exercise, but unfortunately finger exercises don’t burn many calories or tone our body. Our new […]

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