5 (Non-Food) Steps Towards a Healthier Lifestyle

Sometimes I feel like I am constantly bombarded by new diets or heath trends that promise me I will become the healthiest version of myself if I just give up _____ (insert any of the millions of possibilities here). Honestly, […]

How I Learned to Love Running

I am one of those people who wish they could just hop on a treadmill and run 5 miles. What actually happens is that approximately 1 minute into my run, I start staring at my distance wondering how I have […]

From the Gym to the Office: Quick tricks to get your hair office ready without having to wash it

You know those people who can take a workout class where they barely sweat and then change into their workday clothes looking completely put together and flawless? Yeah that is not me. I prefer to work out in the morning […]

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