The Resolution We Can All Commit To 

  We are almost two weeks into the new year and I am sure many of you have set either intentions or resolutions for 2020! Setting resolution and intentions for the year can be a great way to think about your goals and how you plan to break them down over the course of the […]

Being Present

  The holidays can be a stressful time. There is always so much to do in preparation, that we are often left with what feels like very little time to actually hit pause and enjoy it. Thanksgiving is about spending time with loved ones, sharing a meal, and being thankful for the things in your […]

Healthy Weekend Meal Prep: Lunch

As I have said before, I make all my food for the week on Sunday afternoons. And honestly it is the part of the weekend I look forward to the most. During the week I spend some time on Pinterest looking at healthy recipes that I might want to make, save them, and then plan […]

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