Wellness Tips

"I change myself, I change the world" - Gloria Anzaldua

Things to Do to Honor Your True Beauty:

  1. Start each morning by looking in the mirror and saying something self-affirming about yourself, like "I appreciate my strong body!"
  2. Consciously choose to avoid making comments about other people or yourself based on the way they look, such as "You look so skinny," which is an objectification of the recipient of your comments or "I am so fat" which is defaming to yourself.
  3. Compliment other people for skills, talents, or other characteristics they have that you appreciate.
  4. Enjoy real, delicious foods that you love without shame. Practice good nutrition with self-love, not self-abuse.
  5. Shun unrealistic, deprivation diets and diet food.
  6. Don't read magazines that promote negative feelings about weight, body image, and food. Instead read a book that lifts your self-esteem, promotes a positive body image, encourages healthy living or helps you overcome sterotypes about social standards of beauty.
  7. Find time for stillness away from television, advertisements, and popular culture.
  8. Focus on creative pursuits and self-enrichment.

(Excerpts from the Identity Project)

Registered dietitians at Fitness Unlimited are skilled in cognitive re-structuring which helps change a self-destructive mind-set, boosts self-esteem, and helps one develop a healthy relationship with food.

(from the Identity Project aimed at breaking self-destructive mindsets and self-talk)

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