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Pilates is a form of strength, flexibility and stability training for participants at any fitness level. This highly effective, no impact exercise method focuses on "core" muscles that provide support and power for the entire body.

Pilates will chisel and lengthen the entire body while developing muscle control and improving flexibility. Pilates Unlimited uses state-of-the-art pilates reformer machines. Pilates Unlimited offers private, duet and reformer classes. Our certified instructors have extensive training through either Stott or Mind/Body Physical Institute.

One hour classes which run every four weeks. Up to four slots available. $100 per session. Click here for the schedule.

Non-member rates available, for more info call 617-698-0260 x24. Private training in half hour, one hour and duet sessions (2 clients share a 1-hour visit).

Yoga Unlimited

At Fitness Unlimited we believe in helping every member create a balanced workout routine that incorporates different aspects of fitness for a total body challenge, which means we believe yoga can help every member feel and look better. Yoga provides more than just flexibility as it can also help you create greater strength and balance, and can help you de-stress and re-energize. 

We offer many different styles of yoga - you can choose from Gentle Yoga to unwind and stretch out, to the more vigorous Vinyasa Yoga, to Yogalates which incorporates pilates and yoga, prenatal & postnatal yoga for expecting and new moms, and many more.

Every yoga class is taught by certified professionals whom have gone through at least 200+ hours of training and are passionate about yoga and love sharing it with others. Many members can't believe the level of teaching here at Fitness Unlimited and tell us that our yoga classes have the same feeling as those in yoga studios around Boston. 

Non-members are welcome to drop-in to any yoga class and use our beautiful facility for only $15!!

Along with the 20 yoga classes offered every week we also have: 

Small Group Yoga classes are offered if you are looking for a smaller, more intimate setting for your practice. 

Personal Yoga Sessions for those who want to work one-on-one or with a friend to help take their practice to a new level. For more information contact the Member Service Desk at 617-698-0260.

Yoga studio quality found in a large women's health club that caters to the many diverse needs of women in our community.

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