How to Fully Utilize Your Membership
for Maximum Results

We are here to help you get the most from your membership. Think of Fitness Unlimited as your home base and foundation for your entire health and wellness program. Your road map to success is below...

Get Started
Visit Your Club At Least 8 Times Per Month: Research has proven that regular exercise will establish positive health habits and help you reap the many benefits of consistent exercise.  Make it your goal!

Fitness Consultation: Take advantage of our complimentary one hour Personal Training session. Book it today and set yourself up for success.

Group Fitness Classes: Fitness Unlimited offers over 80 classes a week included in membership.  Get involved and take a class.  Questions on where to begin? Visit us at the Member Service Desk.

Ask A Question: Have a question regarding nutrition or exercise? Feel free to ask the Dietitian, Personal Trainer, or Pilates Trainer, it's FREE.

Get Connected
Website Resources: Take advantage of all we offer on our website. Here, you will find great tips, recipes and wellness information in both our wellness library and Be sure to sign up for our Monthly Newsletter and Blog.

FitRewards Program: It is a  free Member Loyalty Program that rewards your participation at your club. Earn points and redeem for gift cards to the club, local restaurants, and hundreds of online shopping items.  

Connect With Your Community: Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Relax - Take A Break: Enjoy a steam or sauna anytime in our relaxing locker room. It feels great and relieves sore muscles.

Change It Up
Change It Up: In order to see change, you must change your workout habits often. It's ok to have a favorite activity like walking on a treadmill; however, trying a new type of class such as Pilates or Yoga, or advancing to a Small Group Training Program such as Tribe Team Training™ or Barre, will bring new results.

Hire A Professional: Need a little extra to help you achieve results? Hire a Personal Trainer and take your workouts to the next level! Hire a Pilate’s Reformer Trainer for an entirely new form of exercise that's amazingly effective and gentle on the body.  Hire a Dietitian, and see how little changes can bring about big results in the long term.

Fitness Challenges: Two times per year, we offer 2 to 3 week Member Fitness Challenges.  All members are welcome.  It’s a great way to jump start your program, meet new people and have a great time.  We always end with a club social event!

Supplement Your Club Program: Add  additional outside activities, such as walking, running, kayaking, paddle boarding, tennis or golf.  By doing so, you will challenge your muscles in new ways, keep your program fresh, fun and give you much needed variety.