The eWorkout:
Express Circuit Training
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Efficient, easy & effective in 30 minutes or less.

It truly works!!! Just watch for the green and red lights.

On each express station your goal will be to perform 15-20 reps during the 60-second green light interval. You may want to use lighter weights because you are performing more reps. (Always maintain good form using slow 3-4 second reps.)

You should then pass quickly during the 25-second red light rest interval to the next station. (This will help keep you in a target heart rate zone of 60-85% and increase your cardio benefits.) Don't forget to wipe down machines! There will be time during this interval.

Whenever possible, persons not doing the eWorkout are asked to yield to those who are. If you find a station being used simply pass to the next station. You can always go back to that station later.

Beginners should perform the circuit once and those who are more advanced, perform the circuit twice through.

This circuit is on and available at all times during club hours. Please work well with others who are not using the circuit.

Why do the circuit over regular weight training? This circuit is great if you are pressed for time. It is always a good idea to change up your routine if only for a few weeks. It is also fun! Give it a try.
We also offer 30 minute x-press classes on our Group Exercise Menu.

Crunched for time?
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