Shout out for Success: Lauren Gendreau!

First of all, a BIG SHOUT OUT for Lauren Gendreau for working so hard over the last few years and becoming super healthy - you are a true inspiration! And a BIG THANK YOU for all of her hard work at Fitness Unlimited and for being an amazing person to work with and be around - Lauren we already miss you but we know that you're going to do great in Denver and wish you all the best, you deserve it!

Here's Lauren's Story:

My weight was something I used to just brush off by trying to avoid scales, mirrors, crowed places, etc. However you can't ignore how your body feels and at 20 years old and 250 pounds I had hit the point where I couldn't ignore it any longer.

I had a panic attack December 2012 which my doctor informed me was a result of being severely overweight and that I was on my way to a heart attack if I didn't do anything to change it. This event scared me enough to cause me to start changing my eating habits. I went from eating out constantly and drinking soda with almost every meal to cutting back on sugars, monitoring my food intake and light exercising.

The need to change my lifestyle really hit home the day I started classes at Suffolk University. Things as simple as waking the campus and looking at other young girls who seemed to fit in while I stood out drove me to make some serious changes. It can be tough to exercise a 250 pound body so I start with walking a mile a day. That led to longer more aggressive walks, and eventually running.

After losing 50 pounds I hit a wall and decided I needed help, that is where Fitness Unlimited came in. I joined in June 2013 and engaged one-on-one fitness training with Ann Marie. I can truly say that Ann Marie changed my life. She challenged me to believe in my body and to push myself beyond my limits. After working with her for 5 months that last 60 pounds was melting off and I realized by true physical capabilities. I have continued to train with her for the last 3 years and have seen my goals change from weight loss to getting faster running times and eventually increasing strength. 

It honestly amazes me how your body can change with persistence, diligence, and some motivation and guidance from people who truly care about your wellbeing.

I am stronger, more confident and happier than ever. I am so lucky to have been a member and employee at Fitness Unlimited, I am so grateful to have met you all!

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