January 2017

Health in Your Hands

By: Ann Marie Boylan

Do you feel in control of your health? The tendency at the start of a new year is to look ahead, set goals, and make resolutions about your future. Maybe you fell short on reaching some fitness and wellness goals last year because of work, kids, unexpected events, and life. Perhaps you find yourself once again setting the same goals you had from the previous year. You cross your fingers and hope that this year will be different. At Fitness Unlimited, it can and will be different because, your “Health is in Your Hands.” 

While in college, I took a class called “Health in Your Hands,” which influenced me to this day. Dr. Virgillio, the professor, drilled into us the importance of taking personal ownership and getting rid of excuses for what we did or didn’t do. She wanted us to understand that it was up to each of us to do our due diligence when it came to all aspects of our lives - nutrition, exercise and wellness, preventative care, and overall mental health, among others. “Health in Your Hands” changed forever the way I look at setting goals and achieving results, and I hope that some of the principles can help you reach your goals.

There are many different variables to a successful fitness and wellness program, but the most important one is the power of decision. When you are 100% committed to a goal, almost anything is possible. You decide how to fit in exercise and prepare meals. You may decide to get up earlier, get home later, or not attend every social event. You realize that no one can do this for you and that there is no quick fix. You understand that you are not going to just wake up with results; you are going to have to work for them. When you are faced with setbacks, you fight through them and get back on track. What you decide to do everyday matters more than what you do once in awhile.

Once you have committed to the decision to put your “Health in Your Hands,” you need to have a plan in place that will get you results.  Whether you decide to enlist the help of a professional or do it on your own, we have every resource accessible to you at Fitness Unlimited. Our programs work, our classes work, and our trainers are highly educated and experienced to provide you with the best plan to meet your health and fitness needs and achieve your goals. However, we cannot make the decision for you and we cannot do the work for you. But we can administer the best program with the highest level of enthusiasm and dedication to the member who is ready, committed, and decides to get the job done.

Make 2017 the year that you decide to put your Health in Your Hands, and the Fitness Unlimited Professionals will get you there with education, motivation, inspiration, and perspiration!

 “But Oz never did give nothing to the Tin Man
That he didn’t, didn’t already have"

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Creating & Keeping Healthy Resolutions

There are countless clichés surrounding New Year’s resolutions. Cynics begrudge them, while the overzealous jump in so deep they can’t possibly stick with them. So what’s a reasonable gal to do?

Ignore everyone else and do what’s right for you, right now. For many of us – this IS a great time of year to refocus. Whether you indulged too much over the holidays, are new to exercise, or have other goals - do it for yourself.  

It’s easy to get carried away with lofty goals and commit to grueling workouts. But can you maintain this? The key is to be optimistic but not unrealistic. Enter more clichés: it’s a marathon, not a sprint! You CAN train for a road race. You CAN lose the weight. You CAN get strong. But it’s not going to happen overnight. When you first begin to work toward a goal your energy is high and so is your motivation. But if the results don’t come quickly, many people give up and return to their old habits, perpetuating the vicious cycle of: resolution -> frustration-> old behaviors -> guilt -> more resolutions.

So don’t set yourself up for disappointment by tackling too much at once. Pick two or three specific things to focus on. Be mindful in creating your goals for 2017. Maybe you’d like to lose weight once and for all. But instead of the weight, focus on the behaviors that will get you there.  You need to eat well and move more to lose weight, and you need strategies that will allow you to do this! You need to make these behaviors habitual. In other words, you need to find a way to do them each and every day.  

Behavior change takes time, especially if you are learning new things. Don’t be afraid to seek help. Try a new class and use what you learn there. Hire a trainer for help creating a fitness plan. Come see me for specific food and meal planning strategies that will work with your lifestyle and can last a lifetime.

Self-care is so important, and many women neglect this while busily working jobs and caring for others. If this is the time for you, embrace it. We are here to help.

Happy New Year, 

Alison Doak MS, RDN, LDN

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4 Ways to Reach Your Fitness Goals

Do you have a 2017 new year's resolution?? Not sure how to actually reach your goals? Check out our professional suggestions below to help you take action TODAY so that you begin moving towards your goals sooner rather than later.


Action You Can Take TODAY

Eat healthier

  1. Start simply by drinking more water every day
  2. Slow down while eating and put your fork down between bites
  3. Make an appointment with Alison to help you understand your dietary needs and create a plan!

Exercise More Consistently

  1. Schedule your workouts into your calendar 
  2. Set reminders each night to get your gym stuff together
  3. Sign up for a Small Group Training 

Lose Weight

  1. Begin tracking your calories so you know how many calories you consume each day - we love using MyFitnessPal
  2. Meet with a Personal Trainer to go over your current workout program and how you can change it up to reach your goals!

Renew Your Passion
for Exercising

  1. Check out our new January 2017 Schedule
  2. Choose at least 2 classes that you've never taken and schedule them into your week!
  3. Or sign up for a Team Training Program to get out of your comfort zone.

Still need help figuring out how to reach your goals?! Click here to email our General Manager, Beth to better understand what services are right for you!


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